Weekly scalp treatments can make a tremendous difference in the health and appearance of your scalp and hair. Using Rene Furterer hair care and treatment products I can help get you on your way to gorgeous healthy hair and scalp. Treatments are made with essential oils and plant extracts specially selected to meet the specific needs of your scalp and hair condition. Each treatment is unique. After the very first treatment, your hair will look shiny, radiant and completely transformed.

I can do scalp treatments for you in the salon or I can show you how to do them yourself easily at home using the appropriate prescription of treatment products.

Treatments are done once a week for 12 weeks - once or twice a year.

Oily scalp treatment
Intended for oily or prone to oily scalps and all types of hair. Curbicia treatments deep-cleanse, rebalance the scalp and give your hair volume.

Moisturizing treatment
Intended for dry scalp and hair.
Carthame treatments protect, moisturize and soften hair.

Nourishing treatment
Intended for very dry scalp and hair. Karité treatments restructure, revitalize and coat hair.

Treatments for hereditary hair loss
Intended for hormonal or hereditary hair loss, generally found in men. Treats hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth.

Treatments for reactional hair loss
Intended for reactional hair loss, generally found in women, related to stress, fatigue or pregnancy.

Anti-dandruff treatments
Intended for flaky scalps. Melaleuca treatments provide deep-acting care for oily or dry dandruff, eliminating itching and preventing recurrence.

Soothing treatments
Intended for sensitive, irritated scalps. Astera treatments immediately soothe the scalp while sensations of discomfort disappear.


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